Antenna Coupler

0.5-8.5 GHz

RF TestPassive Antennas

Antenna Coupler performs RF coupling for near field electromagnetic field of DUT installed in Aethertek’s RF shield boxes. It has steady RF coupling characteristic within range of 500 MHz- 8500 MHz.


  • Operation frequency from 500MHz to 8500 MHz
  • Support 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G network device
  • Support GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, LTE network device test
  • Compact size for small- medium sized shielding box


Frequency Range500~8500 MHz
Dimensions (mm)(L)140 x (W)130 x (H)24
VSWR2:1 (Typical) Maximum 2.5 :1 @1.15 GHz
RF ConnectorSMA-F
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