26.5-29.5 GHz ; 27.5-28.3 GHz


Aethertek’s Phased Array Antenna module, IRIS III, is a crucial component that empowers 5G FR2 connectivity within the n257 and n261 frequency bands. It plays a pivotal role in diverse communication equipment, such as Radio Units, Small Cells, and CPEs. By providing enhanced data rates and capacity, it meets the substantial bandwidth requirements of 5G FR2 applications, including those in augmented reality, virtual reality, and IoT deployments. 


  • Supports 5G NR FR2 n257, n261 
  • 3GPP Rel 15 5G-NR 
  • mmWave TDD mode 
  • 64QAM DL/UL 
  • 8×8 phased antenna array with integrated IF up-down converter 
  • Maximum ERIP 49 dBm dual polarization 
  • Maximum bandwidth 400MHz for DL/UL
  • Module dimension 108 x 91 x 14.5 mm 
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