37-40 GHz

RF Up Down Converter

Aethertek’s 37-40 GHz Up Down Converter is designed for 3GPP FR2-1 n260 applications and test solutions. Wide IF range allows users to convert 3.3~6.7GHz IF signal to 37~40GHz RF signal with excellent EVM performance and ultra-low frequency error.

The 37-40 GHz Up Down Converter also supports multiple clock source input modes to meet different applications and instrument synchronization requirements. It is an ideal cost-reducing alternative to expensive high-end mmWave instruments. In addition, Aethertek’s Up Down Converters have the GPS function which allows customers to calibrate the product by themselves with our self-developed software.


  • Support 5G NR FR2-1 n260
  • One entity frequency Up/ Down conversion
  • Built-in GPS function for self-calibration
  • Excellent EVM performance
  • Synchronization modes: GPS, Internal clock, External REF IN.
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