Test & Measurement

RF Testing

Conductive Solution Overview

Aethertek’s radio performance testing solution provides the whole set of customized testing hardware design, set-up and test method to board-level device.

Aethertek radio testing solution provides an integrated package of:
  • WIFI solution
  • Bluetooth Solution
  • GPS solution

OTA Solution Overview

Aethertek designed its OTA testing to accommodate both production and lab for radio performance testing. Our IF range and mmWave frequency range Up Down Converters are there to replace expensive mmWave testers which saves both time and cost for you. We provide excellent RF shielding performance shielding boxes in standard models, and customized options, together with passive antennas that are designed for both sub 6 & mmWave testing requirements.



0.7-12 GHz
Passive Antennas / RF


2-8.2 GHz
Passive Antennas / RF


2-7.2 GHz
Passive Antennas / RF

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