Please let us know when you find that Aethertek’s employees or any relevant person representing Aethertek conducts suspicious behavior or may violate Aethertek’s ethical code of conduct.

According to the content of the company’s “Handling Measures for Reporting Illegal, Unethical or Dishonest Behavior Cases”, in order to implement the company’s ethical code of conduct and integrity management code, we encourage the reporting of any illegal or violation of the ethics code of conduct or integrity management code. Establish the company’s internal and external reporting channels and handling systems, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the whistleblower and the counterparty.

Acceptance Unit:

The Audit Office of the company accepts reports from internal colleagues, customers, suppliers, contractors, shareholders, investors and related interested parties.

Reporting channels:

Three channels can be used: “reporting in person”, “reporting by telephone” and “reporting by letter”.


  • Anonymous report: Anonymous reporting is not handled in principle, but the content of the report, if the receiving unit determines that it is necessary to investigate, it can still be handled separately and used as a reference for internal review.
  • Named report: The whistleblower must provide sufficient information (including the name, unit, title, date of occurrence of the incident, description of the content, etc.) of the relevant person to facilitate verification by the accepting unit.
  • The company shall handle the whistleblowing case in a confidential manner, and verify it through an independent channel, and fully protect the whistleblower. The identity of the whistleblower will be kept absolutely confidential.
  • If the whistleblower is a colleague, the company guarantees that the colleague will not be dealt with improperly because of the whistleblowing.
  • In order to protect the rights of the counterparty in the reporting case and avoid retaliation against them, the company should give the counterparty the opportunity to appeal.
  • If the case is verified to be true, it will be dealt with in accordance with the laws and regulations of the company; however, if the case is verified to be fabricated by the informant, the informant must bear the relevant legal responsibility.

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