Stakeholder Identification

Aethertek’s definition of interested parties refers to internal or external groups or individuals that have an impact on the organization’s operations or are affected by the organization. According to the above principles, employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers are the interested parties identified by Aethertek.

Aethertek collects the feedback from the above stakeholders through different communication channels such as internal and external, and also refers to international trends and norms, customer requirements, and industry practices to identify issues of concern to stakeholders and list the responsiveness of each issue and communication practices

Aethertek also has various communication and complaint channels for them to inquire and express their opinions, so as to understand the reasonable expectations and needs of stakeholders, and provide a response mechanism to deal with issues of concern to stakeholders.





Stakeholder Engagement

Employee Rights and Employee Care

The company has established work rules in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and other relevant laws and regulations to protect the rights and interests of employees. When the company makes profits, it shares the company's operating results with employees and distributes employee remuneration according to the articles of association. It also uses employee stock options and treasury shares, restricted stock and other compensation system for employees, retaining employees, enabling employees to develop and grow together with the company for a long time in order to create a win-win situation for the company, employees, and shareholders. The company has established an employee welfare committee in accordance with the employee welfare regulations to provide employees with a variety of employee welfare policies, and purchase group insurance for employees to provide appropriate protection, so as to create a harmonious working environment and enrich employees' lives.

Investor Relations

The company takes the protection of shareholders' rights and interests as the greatest goal, treats all shareholders fairly, and discloses various financial, business, and insider shareholding changes in the "public information observation station" in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with relevant regulations. The investor relations page provides investors with more diversified information at any time to protect the rights and interests of investors, and sets up a contact window for interested parties to use as a channel for communication of opinions.

Supplier Relations

The company establishes a stable partnership with suppliers based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit to ensure the stability of the company's supply chain. The company also visits suppliers irregularly or holds meetings to discuss information such as product lead time and supply quality to provide feedback to suppliers.

Rights of Interested Parties

Stakeholders may communicate and make suggestions with the company in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Contact Information 

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Deputy Spokesman : Chang, Shih Chieh

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