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Aethertek’s Final Assembly Test Packaging (FATP) provides customer with highly efficient and cost-saving testing equipment. With our extensive experiences in worldwide production. Our services enable a seamless and rapid path from product design to commercial product delivery.

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FATP is the final assembly, test and package. This term is often used in electronics assembly plants. It generally refers to the entire product assembly process of electronic products and several functional tests.

Aethertek has extensive experiences in providing test equipment for light sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and motion sensor testing.

Yes. Aethertek has done several projects incorporating its test equipment with automation including robot arm control, automated load/unload carrier and system integration.

Aethertek offers both Assembly fixtures and Test fixtures. Assembly fixtures service includes designing fixtures that assemble components to build the final product that customer will get. Due to the uncertainty of whether the assembled product are assembled in place or having functional defects, Aethertek provides Test fixtures service to ensure that the assembled product functions can work normally.

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