Automotive Electronics

Reliability Test

Thermal Burn-in Test

In automotive electronics testing, the Burn-In Test is a critical evaluation process ensuring long-term reliability and robust performance. Components undergo elevated temperatures, simulating harsh conditions during extended operation. This accelerated aging process detects potential weaknesses, offering insights into system durability. Manufacturers can confidently address issues, enhancing vehicle reliability and longevity. Aethertek’s Burn-In Test is a cornerstone of quality assurance in the automotive industry, ensuring systems meet real-world driving challenges with resilience and efficiency.

High-density Burn-in Test

High-density Burn-in Test is a testing workstation tailored for automotive components, providing reliability verification for products in high-temperature and high-current working environments to ensure the safety of each component during use. Aethertek has extensive experience in developing a high-density tester capable of simultaneously accommodating and testing 24 DUTs in a single rack.

End-of-Line Test

We offer End-of-Line (EoL) testing services, which involve assessing the comprehensive functionality of products during the manufacturing process. Within the challenging manufacturing environment, our test systems accurately simulate relevant conditions while measuring the responses of the equipment being tested.In series production, achieving a high testing throughput rate is paramount. Consequently, the test procedures refined during prototype testing are optimized to minimize cycle time.The success of EoL testing relies on a stable electromechanical design, coupled with high-performance hardware and software architecture.

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