In-circuit Test

T1000 ICT Solution


Discover cost-effective excellence through our ICT Test solution—an attractive alternative that seamlessly eliminates the necessity for expensive ICT Test solutions. At Aethertek, we recognize the significance of your budget without compromising quality. Our pioneering ICT Test solution not only offers a robust testing platform, ensuring thorough PCB examination, but it also incorporates additional FCT support, further enhancing its capabilities. Say goodbye to the intricacies associated with multiple systems and welcome a streamlined, efficient, and budget-friendly testing solution that encompasses both ICT and FCT functionalities

Keysight 3070 Fixture Design Service: Software & Mechanical Development

Industry Standard

Introducing Our Keysight ICT 3070 Fixture Design & Software Script Services. Our expertly crafted services optimize test processes, ensuring precision and efficiency. We specialize in tailored software scripts and advanced fixture designs for configurations like half bank, full bank, and inline ICT fixtures, enhancing functionality and adaptability of the Keysight ICT 3070 system, providing a tailored solution to meet customer’s specific testing needs.

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