2-7.2 GHz

RF TestPassive Antennas

SPV Antenna is designed for receiver sensitivity testing, transmitter radiated power testing, and over-the-air testing for 5G FR1, LTE, and GNSS. It covers a wide bandwidth frequency from 2 GHz~7.2 GHz, and is suitable for testing inside a shielding space.


  • Operation frequency from 2GHz to 7.2GHz
  • Support 2G, 3G, 4G network device
  • Support GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, LTE network device test
  • Compact size for small- medium sized shielding box


Frequency Range2 GHz~7.2 GHz
Dimensions (mm)(L)80 x (W)70, thickness=0.8
RF ConnectorSMA-F
Antenna TypeSPVA (Single Polarized Vivaldi Antenna)
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